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Why Our Church
We are a loving church community – dedicated to sharing Biblical truths and growing together in Christ and with one another.
Love in action: God loves the world and He wants us to do the same. Seventh-day Adventists are committed to sharing God’s life-transforming love. We want to help people get to know God, grow spiritually and serve others in practical and effective ways.
Want to know what we believe?
We have twenty-eight beliefs we consider to be very fundamental to our faith and these derive from scripture alone.
Our Mission
Melrose Park Seventh-day Adventist Church believe that we have a mission to the whole world. The everlasting Gospel – the good news that Jesus saves, and this is espoused in the context of the three angels messages – calling a people to fear God, to Give Him glory and to worship the creator alone. Revelation 14:6-14 – You can read more about our mission there.
What They Say
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I love catching up with friends and families at Melrose Park Church. The youth makes me feel like I belong. I actually would highly recommend anyone wanting to try out the church to come to Melrose Park church on Saturdays.

Jack DoeManager

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Michael DoeFashion Designer
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