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07 Nov, 2020 07
Nov 2020

How should we live?

Speaker: Pr. Fabiano Niyonkuru / Comments: 0

This is part of a series titled “Living in the End Times.” Recorded and presented at Melrose Park SDA Church.

24 Oct, 2020 24
Oct 2020

Build and Fight at the same time

Speaker: Pr. Fabiano Niyonkuru / Comments: 0

A sermon series based on the book of Nehemiah. In this sermon we learn that “every time we stand up to do God’s will, Satan will stand up to oppose us.” However, with God all things are possible.

06 Jun, 2020 06
Jun 2020

The Oneness & Plurality of God

Speaker: Pr. Fabiano Niyonkuru / Comments: 0

God presents Himself as One God. However, in the OT (old testament) He also presents Himself in plurality. This reality is exemplified and clearly understood when Jesus and the Holy Spirit are revealed to us in the NT (new testament

09 May, 2020 09
May 2020

Sermon by brother Ken

Speaker: Ken M. / Comments: 0

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