By G. Mordaunt

Lev 19:15 Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honour the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour.

Tooth Brush Story                                     

Once upon a time there were some toothbrushes in a faraway bathroom. They were airing their concerns about a disturbing trend that had come into their Midst.

“I tell you that it has come to my notice in recent times that this next Generation of ‘trendy’ toothbrushes, so called, has infiltrated our bathroom, and I’m not too happy about it, and I think that there should be a stop to it. Why I don’t know what this bathroom is coming to protested Bert Brush.

“But don’t you think that it would be nice to have a change once in a while” interjected Nora Nylon.

“Look Nora, I’ve been elder of this bathroom for a long time and I say it’s disgusting. Why, I tell you that if we allow them to take over, we won’t have a bathroom; what will the other toothbrushes think?” “How can we invite other toothbrushes into our bathroom when they see the way these new toothbrushes are arrayed in so many colors?” By this time Bert was getting all het up and red around his bristles.

Why that would be enough to make my bristles stand on end,” as another piped up to support Bert.

“But aren’t we supposed to accept every toothbrush no matter what they looked like. Our Maker made us all one didn’t he?” remarked Nora.

“Look Nora, I know you mean well, but to enter this bathroom they have to conform to our ways, and that’s that.” Have you seen all the colours? Pink bristles, red bristles, blue, green.”

“Yuk! Interjected Paula Brusher, “fancy having green bristles. I wouldn’t be seen dead with colored bristles.”

“And horror of horrors, long and short bristles mixed together on their heads.” Bert continued. Also have you seen the shape of the latest handles? They are curved!

“Boy! I wish I was a lot younger,” some toothbrush interjected for the back of the rack.

“Enough of that!” said Bert!” you’ve got a one tracked head.”

“Can’t a brush have a joke? Said the same voice, another interjected by saying: “Why can’t we all be the same?” I can remember my father toothbrush saying that his father was tough. He even endured the pain of brushing with salt.

“They built them strong in those days.  These latest toothbrushes are weak with all those fan dangled colours.

And what about this “New technology?” that’s come into our midst?”  Bert continued.

What is that?” asked another inquisitively. “Electric toothbrushes!” ‘Why that is shocking said another. ”they’re pulling down our toothbrush stands.”

By this time Pastor Brush had heard enough. “What’s the matter with you all? We are supposed to be a loving bathroom. Didn’t our Maker tell us to go out into the world to brush up all the teeth of the world?” Before we became toothbrushes He gave us gifts for us to use for he betterment of this world. We are all in the same boat. What if some are different? We all have a place in this bathroom. Just because we may look different doesn’t mean that we cannot contribute to the common Goal. For your information, it may surprise you to know that those toothbrushes that you’ve been complaining about have a great success in reaching the younger set who are tired of the same old toothbrush stuff. We toothbrushes are not all the same. We don’t use the same toothpaste. Does that make us any worse or any better? 

Are we to impose our standard of color or shaped handles or bristles? No, like sister Nora has said: that we are to accept them all because they come from our Maker to do the same job.

Are they any different from us? They have a handle, head, and bristles. Their physical appearance may be a little different, like curves and are a lot more streamlined, but they are for a reason. They can get into places where perhaps we cannot get to. Our job is to clean the evil of decay from the world. So let’s work together for the common goal and I’m sure that our Maker will bless us as a bathroom.”  And every toothbrush said Amen!

Bert Brush feeling his conscience begin to prick him, went to the back of the rack and said nothing.  He then got up and said to Pastor Brush that he could see his point, and that he would from now on brush up on his brushing experience.

Every toothbrush gave a cheer and they became a happy bathroom once more.

Proverbs 23 These also are sayings of the wise: To show partiality in judging is not good:



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