A Devotional By Elder R Sanya

Eve and the Serpent


SATAN is very clever! Always his strategy is to confuse reality, to make it seem good. He knows EVE is living in all the splendour of EDEN, with all of her needs met. The big question is…how do you get at someone who is contented?

The serpent has a plan. He approaches the woman with a theological discussion about GOD. That is a safe subject, the woman likes to talk about GOD. The serpent queries, “Did GOD really say, “You must not eat from any tree in the garden ?” The serpent makes an overstatement that he allows Eve to correct, but in doing so he makes her aware of a restriction. GOD is keeping something from her!

The woman corrects the serpent. “No, GOD isn’t like that…” Then she makes her own overstatement of what GOD said (Genesis 3:3) Yet, instead of declaring that the garden is lavish in its provision for all her needs and that one tree doesn’t make all that much difference, the woman lets the serpent trick her. He focuses her attention on the one forbidden tree, suggesting that GOD is keeping something good from EVE! He casts doubt on GOD’S character. Doubting GOD makes it easy to “take and eat “

EVE’S attention is now riveted to that one tree…. not the garden full of goodness, not GOD’s gracious fellowship and provision. Just the one forbidden tree! It looks so good; it pleases the eye; it is desirable (Genesis 3:6) The more she looks, the more appealing it becomes. It’s always that way when Satan gets us to concentrate on the temptation/s instead of on GOD.
I suppose the temptation has been replayed again and again in the history of the human race, and probably in each of our lives. The specifics are different, but the strategy is often the same. How many times has the serpent tempted me/you to think….”A good GOD wouldn’t keep me from this, would he ?”

The serpent won his encounter with the woman. She took the fruit from the forbidden tree, ate and gave some to her husband. It was a long time before another Adam said…”Take and eat,” and thank GOD! This time he provided his own body and blood as a ransom for all our SINS!
(Genesis 3: 1 to 6)

Additional scripture readings…1st Corinthians 10:12_13
James 1: 13-15.
May God be our pillar always.

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